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Is a specialty that concerns the task of normalizing the relationship between the upper jaw and the lower jaw, and also the correction of misaligned teeth.

'Incorrect bite' - This isn't only an aesthetic problem but with time the pathology of the 'bite' can lead to disease of the paradonts , the temple-lower jaw joint (often leading to headaches), diseases of the digestive tract (the incorrect articulation of the jaw complicates the mastication of food).

If you or your child need orthodontic treatment, it's very important to begin in time, currently orthodontic treatment is possible for practically any age, although each age has its own peculiarities. While a child has milk teeth, continual treatment using removable orthodontic apparatuses is very effective. After the loss of milk teeth, orthodontic treatment is conducted with the aid of fixed apparatuses - bracket systems. The earlier the treatment is initiated, the simpler and more effective it is.
The bracket system is selected individually, according to the patient's wishes: from metals to more aesthetic (ceramic, sapphire) brackets. Even adult patients will feel more comfortable during the process of orthodontic treatment when wearing such practical and unnoticeable aesthetic brackets.

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