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Primarily, this conveys the notion of artistic restoration - and is one of the most perspective modern  technologies with the help of which it's possible to restore the damaged crowns of teeth, fully, identically and naturally. This makes it possible to create the world-famous 'Hollywood smile' without having to resort to prostheses.

One branch of aesthetic dentistry -  is miniature decorations for teeth using precious stones and metals 'fixing' or 'bonding' is quite safe and takes no more than 10 minutes. If necessary these decorations can be removed without leaving any traces.
Whitening - is one of the most popular dental services of our time. The beauty of your smile is what makes the greatest impression on other people.
We employ the most effective and safest methods using products of American companies 'Opalessens' and 'Discus Dental' .

The essence of the method concludes with the application of whitening gel using tooth-caps (with the special capacity for following the form of a line of teeth), prepared individually for each patient. There are methods for both daytime and nighttime usage, likewise. The effect is obvious after just a few sessions and remains good for up to 3 years. We feel obliged to warn you about the independent using of various whitening systems; these can lead to irreversible damage to the tooth enamel.

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