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Mesotherapy - this involves the precise introduction of specific medical preparations under the skin in problem zones to; lift, rejuvenate, remove wrinkles and tackle skin cellulite for weight reduction. We currently employ new types of mezzo-therapy; 'mesobotox' and 'mesolifting'.
Contour plastics - another name for this is 'injection of beauty' - This is an efficacious method for the removal of deep wrinkles, the smoothing of deep nasal-lip wrinkles and wrinkles between eyebrows.  This method is also used for increasing and correcting the form of your lips. The result is achieved through the introduction of a special filling component such as 'Juvederm', 'Restylane', 'Perlane' or biopolymer gel.
Peeling - this allows the removal of wrinkles, pigment spots, minor scars( the consequence of blackheads and stretching)the leveling of skin and improvement of its colour. For different types of 'chemical' peeling we use biologically active substances and organic acids.  Take special care! Such peelings mustn't be conducted during the summer period. We can offer, however, an ultrasound peeling apparatus that can be safely employed in the summer.
BOTOX - this is an effective method for the elimination of wrinkles. It is done by the introduction of small doses of botulinus toxin under the skin in problem areas which eliminates spasms of the facial muscles so leading to wrinkle reduction.
Gentle electro-coagulation - the painless elimination of warts and papillomas



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