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Nowadays we face great danger from diseases like hepatitis A and B, measles, German measles etc. . These illnesses are so common in our time but effective ways to treat them are still not known.

Hepatitis A - the peak of infection is spring-summer when transmission occurs through water and food. The illness, however, is not life-threatening but drags on for more than one month and can totally ruin your summer holiday. In the risk group - are tourists (especially visitors to asian countries and North Africa not to mention Turkey and Egypt), anyone eating in public canteens and children.

Hepatitis B- transmission is through small doses of blood and dr. biological liquids (through kissing and full contact, the use of knives or razors etc.). It can lead to fatal consequences, chronic hepatitis
and cirrhosis. It occurs very often. Everyone is at risk.

Measles - It is a child's infection although unvaccinated adults suffer significantly more than young children. Over the last two years the level of illness has grown five times and is connected with the incomplete fulfillment of a vaccination plan. By order of the Ministry of Health, every Russian citizen under 35 who hasn't yet been vaccinated is strongly advised to do so.

German measles - This is of most danger to pregnant woman as it can cause miscarriage and deformation of the fetus. Vaccination is recommended for all women of child-bearing age and children.

Tick-transmitted encephalitis - This is transmitted when bitten by the insect. In recent years the territory which these insects have come to occupy has increased to include forests near to and around Moscow. Encephalitis continues to cause a high death toll or in non-fatal cases often leaves its victims in a very serious condition.

Diphtheria and tetanus - This is a deadly infection from which all adults need to be protected every 10 years.

Influenza (flu) - This is an infectious illness which can lead to more serious complications or even to death. The best protection is to get immunized from September to November to give yourself a full year's protection. At IMC a wide range of vaccines, (such as Vaccine-Flu) are available from leading countries like France.

The best way of insuring yourself against this illness is through vaccination. Vaccines generate strong immunity in your organism against the infection. Modern medicines for vaccination are absolutely safe and cause no significant side-effects.

The safety of you and your relatives is in your hands -
So - Sign up for vaccination today!

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