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The doctor of endocrinology has great experience of dealing with diabetes and can administer urgent medical assistance.

Consultations can be conducted at our centre or in the comfort of your own home with respect to the following problems.

Sugar diabetes: selecting sugar reduction therapy (insulin therapy) with individual monitoring and correction. Selecting and optimization of diet-therapy, treatment of consequences of sugar diabetes, course 'School of diabetes'. If it's necessary, we can organize your hospitalization in accordance with your insurance policy, government or private, and according to your wishes.

Diagnoses - This concerns examinations, determining tactics for treatment of patients with pathology of the thyroid and the necessity for operative treatment.

Together with the gynecologist - examinations and observation of women with disrupted menstruation and excessive body hair and also for patients with climax syndrome. Intensive observation is organized in conjunction with HRT (hormone replacement therapy)

Prophylactic treatment of osteoporosis.

Examination and treatment of patients with dysfunctional hypothalamus- pituitary  system(hyperprolactinemia, hypothalamic syndrome of adolescents, pituitary failure after brain operations).

Diagnosis of the illness of the adrenal glands.

Treatment of obesity using a program of medicine + individual diet system.

The centre conducts all types of laboratory investigations (general, clinical, hormonal, micro-biological etc), we provide services such as blood analysis and ultrasound examination at your home on the day that you require it.

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