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The life style of the modern woman - is to feel beautiful, be healthy and energetic and to have a beautiful body. Who would argue with that? Being busy and lacking free time shouldn't interfere with looking after one's health and beauty. To stay in good form, maintain a good tone and great external appearance the Italian Medical centre offers you all the achievements of modern cosmetology: mesotherapy,   BOTOX, dermal fillers, slimming programs for the face and body, including peeling, various massages, anti-cellulite wrapping; procedures with apparatuses: lympho-drainage, electro-lypolisis, weight  reduction, muscle toning, skin removal, ultrasonic peeling and others ( carried out using the Italian equipment Maya-peel, Maya-twice and Skin Master +), depilation.
We use only the most highly recommended cosmetics -
The Italian, 'Phyto Sintesi', the American, 'Priori', the Spanish, 'Bruno Vassari', and the Israeli cosmetics, 'Holy Land', 'Anna Lotan' and others.
Consultations at the cosmetic centre cost 350 rubles but are free if followed up by an actual procedure.

- Anti-cellulite program for the body - 'Mosaic'
using the French cosmetic 'San Malo'    4200 rubles; 
- Anti-cellulite program for the body using the apparatus 'Maya Twice'   1750 rubles;
- Anti-cellulite program for the body: including massage, wrapping, post-procedural treatment    4500 rubles;
- Anti-cellulite massage for problematic zones, e.g. the feet, hips, buttocks and stomach 2500 rubles;
- Anti-cellulite massage for the body (European/ honey)    2500 rubles; 
- Glico - peeling of the face and neck (program of skin-regeneration, 'anti-age') - 1 procedure  2900 rubles;
- Skin-polishing using the apparatus 'Maya-Peel'  2900 rubles;
- Laser treatment of wrinkles using the apparatus 'Skin Master' 1600 rubles; 
- Lympho-drainage for the lower limbs   900 rubles; 
- Massage of the upper limbs (classical)  525 rubles;
- Massage of the wrists(cosmetic) 350 rubles;
- Massage of the neck  500 rubles; 
- Classic overall massage (European)  2300 rubles;
- Massage of the lower limbs (classical) 700 rubles; 
- Spinal massage (classical)  850 rubles;
- Foot massage (classical)  400 rubles;
- Micro - lifting of the face using the apparatus 'Skin Master' 2400 rubles; 
- Mini-care for the eyelids  350 rubles; 
- Resculpt massage (face, neck and neckline;) by 'Spanish method'  2200 rubles;  
- Resculpt massage (face, neck and neckline;) by 'Spanish method' using a mask suited to skin type  3200 rubles;
- Wrapping - whole body (chocolate/ mud)  2000 rubles; 
- Eye-brow colouring  250 rubles;
- Eyelash colouring  250 rubles;
- Peeling - whole body ( hand method)  1000 rubles;
- Body sculpt massage (face, neck and décolleté) - 40 minutes - 1500 rubles; 
- 'Anti-age' program using  a dampening collagen mask 2700 rubles;
- 'Age-control' program for delicate facial skin with problem couperosis 2600 rubles; 
- Program for fat reduction, for combination facial skin using the cosmetics of 'Anna Lotan' 2200 rubles; 
- Slimming program for the care of dehydrated facial skin using the cosmetics of 'Bruno Vassari' 2500 rubles;
- Slimming program for problem facial skin using the cosmetics of 'Phyto  Sintesi' 2400 rubles;
- Slimming program for dry facial skin and age-control using the cosmetics of 'Bruno Vassari'   2600 rubles; 
- Relaxing massage of the spine ( European)   700 rubles; 
- Relaxing massage of the spine (Thai)  700 rubles; 
- Ultrasonic skin cleansing using the cosmetics of 'Holly Land' 3000 rubles;  
- Eyelid reduction/ treatment with the apparatus 'Skin Master' 1600 rubles;

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